Cloud Computing & Hosted Solutions

Cloud Computing and Hosted Solutions

2XPoweredByCloud Computing and Hosted Solutions are almost synonymous terms that are very topical and cover a broad range of solutions.  They vary from the very simple to highly complex and all have benefits and risks and disadvantages.

Private Cloud or Hybrid Hosted Solution

The best of both worlds!  We install a server on your site, and you have high speed immediate access to your data 24/7 without reliance on an internet connection or outside service provider.  Your server is “mirrored” on our servers at our data centre.
1.  High speed immediate access from all workstations on your site
2.  Accessible from any internet enabled device
3.  All applications available
4.  You have your own data on site
5.  You also have secure off site back up.
6.  IRD compliant
7.  Potentially lower monthly costs
8.  You are protected from the financial or technical failure of any service provider
9.  If your site is destroyed for any reason, your business can immediately resume from any place where a workstation can be connected to the internet.
1. Requires some capital (or lease) investment
We can provide this for you!

Simple Cloud Computing

Typically you use a simple internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) to access an application and data stored elsewhere.
1.  Low capital cost
2.  Accessible from any internet enabled device
1.  Performance may be slow
2.  Relies on active broadband connection
3.  Potentially higher monthly costs
4.  Is the cloud you are using secure?
5.  Who is controlling your data and will they be there tomorrow?
6.  If the service ceases, where do you stand? Who do you talk to?
7.  Are you complying with IRD requirements to host in New Zealand
8.  Limited range of applications available

We can provide this for you!

Hosted Solution

Rather than having your own server on your site, you access a server at our data centre via your internet broad band connection.
1.  Low capital cost
2.  Accessible from any internet enabled device
3.  Broad range of applications available
4.  You know where you data is and that it is secure and backed up.
5.  You know who is responsible for it.
6.  IRD compliant
7.  Excellent for providing standard service to multiple locations
1.  Performance may be slower
2.  Relies on active broad band connection

We can provide this for you!


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