Computer Network Design

The essential qualities in an IT platform are reliability and expandability. The system must be robust and needs to be designed to just sit in the corner and work without problems.
Typically, several workstations and a dedicated small business server are an appropriate solution.  The system also needs to centralize services such as backup, virus protection and file storage.  These services must be easily managed and provide user file security.  The optimal solution is often a single physical server with redundant drives and power supplies and robust backup.
Exodesk (incorporating Willis White & Co. Ltd.) is vendor independent. We do not recommend a particular brand in every circumstance – cherishing our ability to provide best of breed solutions, integrated together.  Handing you a price list is not helpful.  We will assess your needs and, while respecting choice, will make specific recommendations based on our knowledge of technology, equipment and the outcomes you wish to achieve.  All our recommendations will represent an excellent blend of performance, reliability and price.  We maintain strong industry relationships with many leading hardware vendors shielding you, our customer, from their often harrowing help desks and escalation procedures.

A solution might typically provide:-
• File and printing sharing
• Exchange email services
• Automated backup
• Remote access software
• Anti-virus & anti-spyware software
• Password based system security
• Fault tolerance storage
All computer workstations, laptops and servers quoted include a full 3 year parts and labour warranty, except where noted.
We generally provide a consultation service at no cost.  We will identify the most appropriate solution to a particular problem from a range of products and services, and make recommendations.  Where we have made such a recommendation, we will stand behind it, and take back any hardware recommended which subsequently proves to be unsatisfactory.


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