Lease to Acquire Technology

Our integrated in-house lease solution is much more than a finance option.  Exodesk and Willis White & Co. Ltd. financial leases are provided by us and do not involve third party finance companies.  This is a significant point of difference.  You are dealing with your technical partners for the entire duration of the lease.

Our lease contract provides a performance guarantee and always includes on-going support, maintenance and warranty.  You are not solely reliant on the limited provisions of the manufacturers’ warranty.  If a workstation or server breaks, it is replaced immediately, which is important when a business is dependent on that computer and the cost of downtime is significant.

Leasing is a popular means of acquiring technology now. Because computer technology changes rapidly, depreciation is rapid.  Leasing is our preferred option, as at the conclusion of the lease, computer equipment can be upgraded to new state of the art technology without significant change to the regular monthly cost.  Often it can be counterproductive to hang on to out dated equipment, as newer equipment tends to work faster and more reliably with increased functionality and efficiency outweighing any additional cost.  Leasing your technology is a very cost effective way of getting the latest equipment, and leasing makes it easier to keep pace with technology.

Leasing also removes the need to suddenly find or borrow large amounts of cash!  Leasing offers 100 per cent financing, unlike a bank loan that will often require a large cash deposit or substantial security.  Where computers are owned it is sometimes very difficult to see past the capital outlay, so upgrades are frequently delayed. A typical lease contract provides for the replacement of the equipment after three years.  Lease payments are fully tax deductible as they are paid, as opposed to the purchase situation where a portion of the capital cost is written off each year, so tax savings occur sooner.


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