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When selecting a technical partner, how do you know whether you're being provided the right mix of equipment and services to ensure that the technology isn't holding you back?

With partners like IBM, HP and Microsoft, you can be sure that our solutions are here to offer you an enduring solution that combines value, performance and reliability. We have invested in the latest systems in order to provide a high level of technical support.

From Selecting the right Hardware Seller to Prompt and Unlimited Customer Support on the phone or at your doorstep, you can be sure that you'll have more than your needs taken care of.

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Unlimited & Proactive Customer Support

Minimise Cost with effective support and management tools that are all included in your fixed Monthly Fees. You'll never worry about reporting ahead with a friendly team that is here to provide on-site and off-site support when you truly need it.

Minimal Intervention, Maximum Maintenance

Recognise problems at an early stage, before they escalate without the fear of large support invoices. With Exodesk, your IT platform undergoes regular preventative maintenance and operates reliably with minimum intervention.

Customised Solutions for your Business Needs

Choose from a list of solutions according to your IT and Business needs. You'll only pay for what you will use and need.

Intuitive IT Solutions that work like Magic

After more than 20 years in the computer business, Exodesk and Willis White & Co understand that you have better things to do than to worry about your computers. That is why we have created Exodesk, a state of the art application hosting and support service.

Exodesk does all the ‘behind the scenes’ work to ensure your technology works efficiently and reliably. We take care of all the housekeeping and maintenance needed to ensure your system continues to operate smoothly. Exodesk can regularly back up your important information and data and ensures computer security and virus programs are running correctly and are up to date. We will identify and fix potential issues before they become problems, and you can access your IT platform from wherever you are.

The Exodesk solution comes with PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE and is customised for each individual customer.
Automatically Updated and Monitored for Optimal Maintenance
The system ensures that all servers, workstations and applications are updated with the latest system patches, and are all running consistent versions.
  • Installed Application reporting and Compliance metering
  • Automated Application Deployment & Update
  • Software Patch Management that Ensures all Devices are running the latest, consistent version
  • Fault Diagnosis and Reporting - including machine self diagnostics
  • Routine best practice housekeeping (defrag, temp file delete etc)
  • Backup Job monitoring – ensures backups have been performed and are reliable
Exodesk monitors the equipment it is installed on and securely reports back summary data to our main server. It is able to perform various tasks as directed remotely or on-site.
  • Overall Network and System Health reporting & trend analysis
  • Monthly Management Summary reporting
  • Network Monitoring, user access and security reporting
  • Network bandwidth analysis, to user, device or application level, by date/time
  • Automatic escalation of unsolved problems
Reporting and Reviewing Only the Essentials
Security is of Utmost Importance
When it comes to protecting your system from intruders, Exodesk comes with all the necessary software and features to ensure that attacks are pre-empted and taken care of before they happen.
  • Complete Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Anti Spam & Webshield Software Included
  • Stolen/compromised device kill function
  • Black List Application installation prevention
As your business grows, keeping track of all the mobile devices, laptops, and technical equipment becomes truly necessary to monitor performance and costs. Exodesk helps you keep on top the growing number of devices and ensures that they are all connected for information sharing and audit purposes.
  • Asset Register for all devices, including routers, printers etc
  • Device Discovery on the network including Visitor device logins
  • Intranet Information Sharing
  • Includes device serial numbers, configuration (RAM, HDD, installed options etc)
Manage all Devices with Ease
Get Access to System Support and Backups Anywhere
Proactive and professional system support ensures that potential risks are attended to before they happen.
  • Desktop remote backup option
  • Remote system access and support
  • Client help desk job ticketing and tracking module available 24/7

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