VoIP Phone Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is a technology that allows delivery of your telephone calls using your existing internet connection, rather than traditional analogue or ISDN phone “lines”

Will I need a new Phone System?
To get all the benefits of VoIP technology you will need new telephone equipment yes.

Won’t that be expensive?

No – there is no up-front hardware cost – we provide all the equipment you need as part of the monthly cost, and in most cases that cost will be less than you currently spend on calls and phone lines with your existing telephone provider.

So there is no up-front cost?

There is a small setup cost, to reflect the time we spend setting up the system to work in the way you need it to – things like voicemail messaging, what phone rings first, and call attendant systems for example. We can tailor the system specifically for you, and we will always provide a fixed quote for the setup cost.

So there is no up-front hardware cost?

No. We don’t think that you should have to spend thousands of dollars on a new phone system so you can save money later on. We think you should save money from day one.

So what does it cost?

There is a flat rate monthly service charge, based on the number of phones you have, which includes the costs of all the hardware and your call costs. In most cases this monthly cost is less than the running costs (lines and per minute call costs) that you are already paying to your phone service provider.

So there is no upfront hardware cost – and the ongoing monthly service charge will be lower than my present phone bill – including call costs?


So the new phone system is effectively free then?

Actually less than free, as the amount you will be spending will be less that you are spending now in most cases. We are happy to provide a free assessment of your present costs to let you know exactly how much you will save.

There must be a catch?

No catch.

So do I have to sign up for a long time?

The standard contract term is 36 months, but terms are available from 12 months.

So calls are expensive then?

Not at all. Your calling costs are included in the monthly cost. Local calls, national calls, international calls – it’s all inclusive to any landline in the world. Calls to cell phones are charged at 19 cents/minute, which is among the most competitive rates available in the market.

So how many lines will I have?

You no longer have phone lines as such. Every extension can make a call at the same time with VOIP, so each phone effectively has its own dedicated line.

It’s new – unproven isn’t it?

Well no. Most voice traffic is carried over the internet now by Telecom, once it gets to the cabinet in the street. All we are really doing is extending the Digital network to your desk, rather than it going analogue for the first mile, then being converted to Digital.

The voice quality isn’t as good is it?

Yes it is – in fact being digital voice quality can be superior to a traditional analogue phone line when it’s installed by an IT company that knows what it’s is doing. There are none of the crackles and pops of a “bad line”. The whole world is going digital, from your TV to your Cell phone to your vinyl records - digital is here to stay. And that’s all VOIP is – the conversion of your voice into lots of 0’s and 1’s – i.e. treating it like any other computer data.

But my friend tried VoIP and it didn’t go so well…

Many traditional phone system vendors have dabbled with VoIP with mixed success. That’s because it’s a computer problem and requires a different set of skills than those required for more traditional phone systems. That’s also why an IT company is better placed to implement a modern VoIP phone system, because a successful implementation requires IT skills – skills that the traditional phone system vendors don’t have.

I asked the Telecom guy what he thought about it and he said that the internet wasn’t ready for VoIP yet.

Well they would say that wouldn’t they – they are facing losing revenue because of it, and they don’t understand it, why would they think it was a great idea?

But we have always used Telecom, and we trust them, and they are really big, and our phones are important for our business. Do we really want to trust our phones to this new technology?

Well you trust us with all your other IT stuff – your emails, your accounting systems, this is just an extension of that.

So if I send my phone calls across the internet, won’t I need a bigger internet (data) plan, and won’t that cost me more?

Not usually. The amount of data required for calls is actually quite small so this typically won’t have a material impact on your total monthly data usage. You can also talk to us about our new super high speed internet plans, where your voice data won’t be counted in the monthly data usage. These plans provide the best voice quality possible, and are priced similarly to those available from your existing provider.

If I’m sending my phone calls across the internet, are they secure? Can others listen in?

No. All calls are encrypted, so they are actually much more secure than a traditional phone line, which anyone can listen in to by just connecting up to the wires.

So what happens to my phones if the internet goes down?

In the unlikely event that your internet connection is down we provide an automatic failover either to another phone (cell phone or landline) of your choice, or you can keep one phone line for emergencies. A single phone line is often kept for alarm monitoring, and older EFTPOS terminals or fax machines.

Do I need to keep any phone lines?

No you don’t need to, although we do recommend that you retain one phone line for a fax machine, which can also be used for alarm monitoring and or an existing EFTPOS terminal. Some broadband providers also require you to have at least one traditional phone line before they will provide you with broadband, although we offer broadband plans that don’t require a phone line.

So can I keep my existing phone number(s), or will I need to get a new number?

Yes, you can keep all your existing phone numbers.

Can I make savings on my cellular call costs too?

Yes. Your Apple or Android smartphone will be able to function as an extension on the system, using an APP that can be simply downloaded. That means that you can effectively make free calls from your cell phone from anywhere you have 3G data coverage or Wi-Fi coverage – saving you heaps.

But I get lots of free minutes now on my existing cell phone plan.

Yes but they’re not really free are they. You prepay for a fixed number of “free minutes” in your monthly plan, whether or not you actually use them. You may well be able to downgrade to a lower priced monthly plan with fewer “free” minutes, saving you money.

Should I get my Broadband connection from Exodesk as well?

Absolutely! We offer faster plans, higher data caps (or no data cap), no charge for voice traffic and guaranteed voice quality with our new broadband data plans – all for a similar price to what you pay now to your old telecom’s provider.
Where do I sign?

One of our helpful team will be more than happy to help you.


What are the other key advantages?

Have a phone extension anywhere
Your phone extensions can be located anywhere there is an internet connection. Since your phones are connected via the internet, you are no longer restricted to having all your phones in your office. You can have an extension in your home, in your car, or in a hotel room on the other side of the world – it doesn’t matter as long as there is an internet connection.

Save money on your
You cell phone can function as an extension on the system. If you have an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone this can be connected to the system. You simply download an App and connect via your cell phone data plan, and that’s it – Free calling to any landline from your cell phone, and that will save you money.

Be more mobile
You can accept calls from your office (if you want to be available) from wherever you are, and your customers and colleagues will be able to use one number to contact you wherever you are.

Regular updates & feature upgrades
The phone system PABX is actually software, rather than a big piece of expensive hardware bolted to the wall of the office. When you buy a traditional PABX - that’s it – its feature set is fixed until you replace it with a new model, and you can’t expand it without adding expensive cards or modules. The Software PBX is constantly being updated, and these updates are delivered inclusive of the monthly service fee, so the customer always has the latest technology and features. The system can also be expanded or contracted as demand requires.

Changes and relocations easily made
Things change. New employees start, others leave. Have you ever tried to make changes to your phone system – for example someone is away on holiday and you want a different phone to ring? You have to get an engineer out from the phone system provider to do it, and that’s expensive. This is easy with a software based phone system. It’s just a windows application on your PC, so you have full control yourself.

Integrated voicemail
Your voicemail messages can be delivered directly to your email inbox. That means you can listen to your voicemail messages from anywhere.

See who is available, away, or on the phone from the desktop of your PC
The system includes a desktop application allowing you to see who is available to take a call within your organisation.

You can make calls with the click of a mouse
Call anyone in you MS Outlook contacts database, or you company wide phone directory with a click of the mouse. No more hunting for phone numbers.

Caller ID Number & Name
You can see who is calling you – not just their phone number, but the name of the account holder for that number – on the screen of your phone. You can also use this feature to direct calls in specific ways, based on the caller’s identity. For example an important customer can automatically be put through to your cell phone if you are away from your desk, whilst other callers are directed to your voicemail.

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