Wide area Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Advanced Hotspot Solutions That Scale Seamlessly

Whether you're running a hotel, small business, hospital, school, college or a shopping mall, excellent Wi-Fi coverage is now expected of your business/service in every corner of the building or area.

Standard Routers may not be enough to ensure wide coverage and high performance. With Exodesk, you can deploy cost effective and dynamic high-bandwidth networks over any designated area with our centralized management system; especially during peak operation hours.

Extend Your Wi-Fi Coverage & Peformance

Hassle-free Hardware Compatibility
Integrate a wide range of brands and models of Wi-Fi access points; from low-end to high-end enterprise class autonomous devices.

Whether it's an existing or a new network, we can help you provide sufficient access points that best match performance and budget requirements.

The key element is a small software agent that establishes a secure connection between the access points and our infrastructure. No need for expensive hardware controllers.
Capture Contact Information from your Customers
Capture valuable customer contact details when they access the Wi-Fi hotspot via a customised and branded form. Their information can be stored on your server for future marketing activities / mailing lists. You can also opt to allow easy logins via Facebook, Twitter or other social platforms.
Manage Performance Remotely
With our centralised management software, you can manage your Wi-Fi mesh network from anywhere and configure the essentials with our remote firmware upgrades.

You'll even receive email alerts when any of your Wi-Fi mesh devices gets disconnected.

Attractive Packages available when you match this with our Broadband Solutions!

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